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Ethical and Sustainable Fashion

Ethical Fashion focuses on a socially and environmentally conscious approach to the design, sourcing and manufacture of clothing.

REBORN KYOTO is giving new life to disused old Kimonos with women and young in developing countries. It contributes to their environment and economic empowerment.

Wedding Dress
(Made by Jordanian Trainee)

Kimono Cocktail Dress
(Made by Jordanian Trainee)

Rwandan Silk Dress
(Made in Rwanda)

Box Pleated One-Piece
(Made by Laotian Trainee)

Peacock Kimono Dress
(Made in Rwanda)

Classical Kimono Dress
(Made by Laotian Trainee)

Please come visit the Reborn Kyoto store in Kyoto, Japan to see fantastic dresses and accessories made from 100 % silk kimonos and traditional fabrics by our trainees in developing countries such as Laos, Jordan and Rwanda!

Your fashion and shopping will directly support the women and young in developing countries.

The sales profits are used to fund Reborn Kyoto NPO's international cooperation operations and training programs, as well as to provide financial incentives for trainees to give them confidence in their abilities to earn an income through their own labor.


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